Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit – 4 Relay – LCD Display

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit – 4 Relay – LCD Display

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  • 4 Relay Based.
  • 16×2 LCD Display Based.
  • 4 LED Based.
  • Atmega8A Based.
  • Easy to Setup.
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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit (4 Relay) (LCD Display)
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It is a microcontroller (Atmega8A) & relay based Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit. Circuit Input Voltage range: 110V – 280V AC and Output voltage range: 220V ± 5%. By ensuring fast switching by microcontroller it eliminates almost all high surge voltage during start up. Smooth relay switching by zero-crossing technology it extends relay’s working life. With this circuit can manufacturing upto 2 KVA stabilizer easily.
These Circuit having the following features –

Start-up delay count with 7 segment common cathode display.
Input and Output Voltage 7 segment Display.
Low and high voltage cut-out is inbuilt.
Zero-crossing relay switching.
Delay time 10 sec / 180 sec.
Trouble free.
No Relay Chattering.
Easy to set with single preset only.
Production can be very fast.


When the voltage fluctuates then this Voltage Stabilizer circuit will adjust to rated value and run a steady state. Compared with other voltage stabilizers circuit, it has the advantage of great variety, complete specification, nice appearance and obvious features of high efficiency, no wave distortion, reliable performance, working continually for long time. This product is an ideal stabilized voltage supply, widely used in any locations requiring electricity and ensures your power device can run normally.


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